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At Cornerstone, we believe firmly in the power of prayer. We want to join you in lifting up your requests to the Lord. Please take a moment to pray and believe for those requests listed below. If you would like to add a request of your own, scroll to the bottom of the page and fill our the prayer request form. Thank you.

Lisa Anderson

April 27, 2022

Prayers for Cornerstone pastors and leadership.

Bethany Culp

April 4, 2022

I am asking for prayer regarding an unspoken request - God knows! Please also pray against all fear and anxiety today and to trust that God is making a way and will provide abundantly in all areas. Pray for clarity, focus and direction regarding how to invest time, energy and money. Pray for a fruitful return for my labor. Pray God calm fears and anxieties regarding my roommate and living situation. Pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially prophecy. Pray God’s will be done in ministry work here in Asheville NC and that God bless and help ministries in alignment with his will. Pray God take back the ground the enemy has stolen here, for repentance and changed hearts and minds. Pray God cast out all darkness, especially within churches, which are supposed to be safe places. Pray God purify and sanctify. Pray we would be united in mind, heart, thought and purpose as believers and that God’s kingdom powerfully advance. Pray all things that cause division be resolved by God. Pray for good soil for God’s word to grow. Pray the enemy not prevail here but that God have mercy on this city and our country and bring about repentance and revival. Pray for discernment and that all of our leaders would be led by the Holy Spirit and make choices in alignment with God’s will in Jesus name.


January 30, 2022

Thanks for 10+ years of love and care. Please keep my family in your minds as we walk through the greatest storm we’ve ever been through, made worse by lies. The church we used to go to decided to try to take as much money out of us as possible due to a huge mistake we made. leaving us a wreck. Thank you in advance.

Leonard Family

January 25, 2022

My family and I have loved being apart of this amazing church. I was able to attend the discipleship walk #53 and from then on my life has changed forever. My husband is active duty in the U.S. Navy and we're currently relocating to San Diego for a few months and then finally to our final destination in Honolulu in August. Asking for your prayers as we relocate. Thank you all for being so good to our family. I couldn't ask for a better church experience. Love you Cornerstone!!!!

Michelle Bell

December 7, 2021

Please pray for my son Rt. He has been struggling to sleep at night, he is having terrible nightmares. He is so angry at times and put’s himself down. I’m hoping to get a Sunday off work where he and I can come to church to get the word and extra prayers. Thank you so much for all you do.

Crystal Vines

December 3, 2021

Please pray for finances for back rent and sleep at night

Matthew S Young

October 30, 2021

Please pray for my friend Bryan who desperately wants be put in drug court instead of prison. He has struggled with drugs for most of his life and is ready to be done. Thank you for your prayers. His court date is Nov 9th.

Sherlonda Taylor

September 30, 2021

Please pray for Habbershaw family for healing, peace, and for God protection.

Matthew S Young

September 29, 2021

Please pray for my wife Jennifer. She is struggling with an illness and desperately wants to feel better. And she knows that God is in control. Thanks in advance MATT

Robert reynolds

September 3, 2021

Pray for my close friends and their families that were in the helicopter crash on Tuesday in San Diego, pray they find them, at least recover the bodies for closer. Pray for all friends and family at HSC-8 in this rough time losing brothers and sisters.


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